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10 Christmas Lights –

10 Christmas Lights – Check out Regina Puckett’s writing at this link.

Melissa Blanchard Book Corner

10 Christmas Lights –

Check out this poet – she’s the best:) Regina Puckett’s writing moves the soul and spirit.

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Recommend – “My Words into the Beyond,” by Regina Puckett

Poetry at it’s best Check out “My Words into the Beyond,” by Regina Puckett

Melissa Blanchard Book Corner

I recommend – “My Words into the Beyond,” audiobook by Regina Puckett
The narrator, George Taylor, is the perfect choice for reading this audiobook of poetry.
His voice is deep and comforting as he tells Regina’s poems of life with all of the loves, dreams, disappointments and triumphs expressed so vividly.
So much of what I’ve experienced in life is communicated in the words of this book.
Thank you Regina, for finding a way to articulate so truly the human journey. It was beautiful to listen to over and over, every time finding something new to reflect on.
I haven’t read poetry for many years, I’m so glad I connected with you on Twitter (@ReginaPucket) and found your writing – so fresh – so true – so inspiring.
Keep on writing Regina Puckett.

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Spring Valley High School in Minnesota – Class of 1980

Hi SVHS Class of 1980,

I’m sending out a message to all of the Spring Valley HS Class of 1980 to join us on our secure Class Creator website at this link:

Spring Valley High School Class of 1980

This will help us keep in touch for class reunions and other events.  Its a good way to connect people that don’t really want to get on Facebook.

Please leave comments if you like – I moderate the messages and won’t publish if you don’t want me too.

Here’s some pictures from the last reunion – one of our last chances to chat with Cheryl Oftedahl-Keehn before her sudden death on August 19th, 2015.

1980 Class Reunion Pictures - Saturday Event 1.

Heidi Esklund, Pamela Cloutier​, Shelley Balbach Galvan​, Cheryl Oftedahl-Keehn, Debbie Carr at the Four Daughters Winery on Saturday’s Event at the 35th Class Reunion picture

1980 Class Reunion Reconnect for Spring Valley High School

Richard and Nona Cummings from Friday Event for the 35th Class reunion 8/14/15

Spring Valley High School 1980 Class Reconnect

Debbie Carr, Patty Davids Shoemaker, Melissa Blanchard at the Pizza dinner event for Saturday on the 35th Class Reunion Peony Garden Winery Kenyon MN

Bruce and Dawn Rohl’s Aspelund Peony Winery and Peony Gardens. Sunday Event for the 35 Class Reunion for SVHS 1980 Graduates

Bruce & Dawn Rohl’s Aspelund Winery Website

Melissa Blanchard’s Book Corner Website is leased by me so feel free to let me know what you think of this post, Class of 1980.  I hope you all register on the Class Creator website and reconnect with your classmates.

Here’s what the SVHS Class of 1980 sent in memory of Cheryl Oftedahl-Keehn:

1980 reconnect efforts Spring Valley Class of 1980

Flowers for Cheryl from the Class of 1980


Melissa Blanchard