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“The Ornament” by Zeke Changuris



What sets “The Ornament” by Zeke Changuris apart making it a must read novel for all ages?  This is the journey of a young photojournalist striving to be the best when the woman of his dreams starts working at the same TV news station.  The courtship of Amy and Sam is full of all the detail of what goes into being a good news anchor and photojournalist along with all the personal struggles these two face living life.

Zeke shows us how a single frame of video captures the emotions of a moment out of time.  He brings to sharp focus all that goes into being human from dating, marriage and finding the courage to say what’s in you heart to a woman you’ve loved all your life.

“The Ornament” allows us to see inside the TV news profession in a whole new way.  Zeke details the ups and downs in a news anchor’s and photojournalist’s personal as well as professional life.  The journey takes us to Hagerstown, Maryland  to Operation Freedom in Iraq and back to Washington, DC.

Zeke Changuris writes from the heart about a profession he loves and how hard it is to find and keep true love.  Zeke’s characters are easy to imagine as well as the places they inhabit.  Vivid descriptions as only a photographer can capture are brought to life in Zeke’s dialog and narrative.  Beautifully and poignantly written.

Reading to me is finding something new about the human condition that is both inspiring and helps me see myself a little more clearly.  “The Ornament” does this and more.  It pulls the emotions out of me.  I feel for Sam and I have a better understanding of what a man experiences as he travels through life.

Thank you, Zeke Changuris for sharing these beautiful characters with me and all readers that enjoy a story that celebrates living life to the fullest.  Keep on writing from the heart, Zeke, you have a gift to not only bring characters to life off the page but to also share the complex emotions that make up each and everyone of us.

I bought my copy at the following link:

From Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe at a Nora Roberts sponsored book signing event.  I hope you all take a few minutes to check out this book and order from a safe and secure way to get books quickly and in great condition all over the world.

“The Ornament” is a must read book for our time for all ages.  My book reviews are my own.  I only strive to help readers find books that I’ve enjoyed and found some new insights into the human condition.  Comments are welcomed.

Ending the War on Fat

Whole foods, protein, vegetables, fruits are key – get whole foods regardless of fat content you will lose weight. Your body performs best with 3 healthy meals a day. Best to have tbls of fat with meals too – coconut oil, olive oil and clarified butter are the best sources beyond beef, chicken and pork fat. Best meal for calcium is based on bone broth. Canned Salmon also has editable bones included – very good source of good cholesterol and calcium. You can make a difference in your life one meal at a time. I’ve lost 61 pounds following these guidelines.


Love the poem and the beautiful symetry in your pictures. Thanks for much for sharing and for all the likes on my blog:) X=Kiss and O=Hugs according to my Grandma in her letters to me. XXOO


Take Your
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♣ Seriously ☆
Magic ★ in The Heart ♥

Mind & Soul ●

Have A Nice Weeeekend ◇★ ○★

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Ramadan, Day 1: What Is Ramadan?

Thank you for this insightful article. I’m hopeful we as human beings will be able to reflect on the suffering of others and the goodness within our own life. Peace.

“Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White

Pearls of Wisdom_

“Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White is a beautifully written story of a young man’s love and devotion to country.  I especially appreciate the book is dedicated to the men & women who serve and those special souls that wait at home for news from the front.

What sets Chantilly White’s writing apart?  She brings her characters to life, not only physically but emotionally as well.  Her writing takes you to the library in vivid detail – I can even smell the books.  I feel the afternoon sun as I visualize the glass library doors sparkling.  Elegantly written, Chantilly.

“Pears of Wisdom” pleasures the mind’s eye with sculpted imagery of the two souls combining as close as this existence allows.  From courtship to finding love, Chantilly White takes us on a journey full of promise and sensual delight.

Will a young widow find new love?  Does Billy survive the fighting in World War II?  All will be revealed before “Pearls of Wisdom” ends.

This novella is full of treasures to be discovered.  Read “Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White slowly you’ll want to enjoy every moment.

I bought my e-book for Kindle for iPad from Amazon follow this link:

I also enjoyed these e-books from Chantilly White:

Next book I plan to read:

Keep on writing Chantilly White – I like your style.


“Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)” by Sheryl Seal


I found this book on Twitter when Sheryl Seal (@sherylseal) tweeted the cover art.  It is amazingly beautiful.  When I found out it is the cover art of a book I knew I had to read it.

What’s so special about “Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)”?  It takes us on journey into the spiritual part of our being.  Into that part of us that makes us part of the universe.  Sheryl also introduces us to the consequences of unharnessed emotion and the price we all pay when we fail to control our thoughts and feelings.

“Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)” shows us why it is so important that we get to know our inner selves.  Sheryl delves into what makes us human and unique.  She demonstrates how important it is to be straight with ourselves and others.

Any young adult to senior citizen (rated G for wholesome family reading) will find “Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)” engaging and inspiring.  Sheryl writes from the heart and pens imagery like the cover art that moves us to try and capture all the beauty that is around us.

“Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)” is fantasy that has roots in reality.  All that experience life will find moments from Oria journey to womanhood that connect with their soul.  Keep on writing Sheryl Seal you have a gift that speaks to the heart.

I purchased my copy for iPad Kindle on Amazon at this link:

Paper back copies are also available.

Adding these 2 to my must read list:

Oria Falls 3rd



“Mistress Angel,” by Lindsay Townsend

Mistress Angel

What about “Mistress Angel” is uniquely special?

The medieval period city life becomes reality as the story unfolds.  Isabella has been used first by her family then by her dead husband’s family – she is a commodity to them.

The writing brought me into the city with it’s dirty streets and how little value was placed on the life of a woman.  Her young son is taken from her, she’s pressed into servitude and she must choose between getting her son back and pleasing the local marriage prospects.

“Mistress Angel” is a journey through medieval London from the landscape to the characters Lindsay delivers.  Raw emotions and agonizing struggles are included in the telling.

I also enjoy finding new phrases and words from the period in Lindsay’s writing.  She defines them and uses them as keys to her plot.  I liken it to a treasure hunt, always something new in the next chapter.

Will Isabella get her son back?  Will she find true love?  All will be answered before the last word is read.

I hope you give “Mistress Angel” a look.  Great writing, well developed plot and interesting characters, what more could you want in a story?

I got my copy from Amazon Kindle for iPad at this link:


Oproep aan het bijenvolk

Mooi gedicht dank je Hansstellingsma translated by google from Beautiful poem thank you Hansstellingsma

My Pictures of Our Sentinel of Freedom in USA Happy Flag Day from Minneapolis MN

Flags on Display in Minneapolis MN close to where I live.  Forever may our flag wave for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all.  Flag Day 2014 – play American Patriot by Lee Greenwood love the songs on this album:

“God Bless the USA” is a special favorite I think of it every time I put the flag out in the morning and retire it at night.  Remember to always treat the flag with respect – never let it touch the ground or fly in bad weather or after dark without a flood light.  Always say a prayer and/or remember those that put themselves in harms way to defend her and have paid the ultimate price so that She may forever wave. Peace to all.


Above is my alternative to displaying in the rain.  She’s not touching the floor.  She was made in the USA too.



IMG_00000107 IMG_0529 IMG_0677 IMG_0690 IMG_0786 Tiny 6-13-14 AutumnWoods AutumnWoodsBest IMG_0598

Happy Flag Day everyone:)  From Minneapolis MN.

2 Suburbs Different Planets

Love the big trucks too. Hard life driving truck – but needed to get goods where they need to be. Love the Roo too:) Had a toy one once with a baby in the pouch – best loved that toy:) Used to watch a show with a kangaroo in it too but can’t remember the name anymore:) Thanks for sharing – love seeing the sights of the world. Your friend from Minneapolis MN Missy.