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Recommend JD Robb’s Festive In Death


I recommend “Festive In Death”, by J.D. Robb.

Trina needs to tag Eve in this story when a friend finds herself in a situation that demands the services of a murder cop.

J.D. Robb delivers in this fresh In Death tale of double crossing lovers and a conniving personal trainer.

I didn’t figure out who did the murder until the very end.  The journey to finding the murderer is brilliantly interwoven with Christmas shopping, and preparing for the annual gala thrown at Lieutenant Dallas and Roarke palatial home.

J.D. Robb  is an artist painting a word picture with fantastic dialog and narration that is completely engrossing.  The world and characters that make up the In Death series is maintained and consistent with each new release.  Festive In Death develops Trina in a new way without taking away from the core players that all fans love so well.

Susan Ericksen, In Death narrator in the audiobooks, does an excellent job bringing each character to life with her voice inflection and flowing delivery of the script.  I purchased my copy with my iPhone at the iTunes store.  Listening to the reading is like attending a play.  Every move, feeling and expression is represented during the telling.

I appreciate both the hard copy and the audiobook each have their own gifts to bring to the story and reader.

Thank you J.D. Robb for writing another best seller that stays true to the beautiful characters you have created over the years.  I also appreciate the signed copy – you know how to treat your fans and I’m happy to be one.

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe is also something I’m grateful for – offering book signings both on site and virtually.  I know it takes a lot of work to track all the orders and get them safely to their destinations.  Thanks to one and all.


In Death Series Fan,

Melissa Blanchard


Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe Book Signing News

IMG_0207_2Festive In Death, JD Robb, Murder Mysteries, Women Dectives, New York

Thanks to JD Robb for delivering another great murder mystery and for signing my copy.  I appreciate all you do for your fans.

I’ll be at the November 1st signing. Saving my money but I did get a signed copy of Festive in Death loving the story so far. Eve rocks. Thanks JD Robb for the writing and the signing and Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe for hosting and mailing out all the virtual copies you all are the best brick and mortar business going and you never forget a customer order. I appreciate your dedication to customer service. See you in November along with Eva Cutter Coppersmith a great lady I met at the July 13th signing event in 2013. Love all of Nora Roberts & JD Robb fans. Peace.

 Post below quoted from my Facebook News Feed:

We had a wonderful event yesterday! Thank you to all the authors who signed with us and for the fans who came out to meet them! Our next signing will be on November 1st and we have another great line up. You will get to meet Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins, Brenda Novak, Marie Force, Cara Connelly, Anne Barton and local author Pat Donohoe. We hope you can make it!

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