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July 9th Book Signing Event at Turn The Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, MD

Book Signing, Boonsboro, Maryland, Nora Roberts

Line for tickets at the July 9th Turn The Page Bookstore Book Signing Event in Boonsboro Maryland

Beautiful weather and people at the July 9th Event at Turn The Page Bookstore at 18 N. Main Street, Boonsboro MD  21713 – follow this link for more information about the event:  http://ttpbooks.com/category/VB.html

The authors all the authors and staff had smiles.  I enjoyed talking about the books they write and the libraries we both support.

Here are the pictures from the event with the authors:

Book Store, Maryland, Boonsboro, Nora Roberts

July 9th, 2016 Books on Display for the Book Signing at Turn The Page Book Store

Gage Shepherd children's book author

Gage Shepherd 1st in line and busy with book signing.

Stephen Bockmiller, Boonsboro, Maryland, Book Signing, Turn The Page Bookstore

Hagerstown and Washington County historical account of how the Civil War impacted the people living in the war zone.

Lisa Scottoline, Francesca Seritella

Mom and daughter writing team. Lisa loves libraries and said Hi to my librarians in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Hennepin County Library.

Maya Banks, Kendra Castle

Maya Banks writes great books with excellently developed characters. I haven’t read any from Kendra yet more to follow as I work my way through her book.

Samantha Chase, Turn The Page Bookstore

Samantha Chase greeted us in the line and gave us a very nice pen with stylus top for tablets – thanks much, Samantha. The book I bought during the event will be the first I’ve read from you.

Nora Roberts, J. D. Robb, Turn The Page Bookstore

Thanks for the picture and signatures, Nora and for hosting the event for the Fans of your writing. I’m glad you support libraries and literacy for everyone.

Laura is Nora Roberts' personal publicist

Thanks to Laura for taking all the pictures with Nora and organizing the social media accounts and Fan events.

Eva, Boonsboro, Book Signing, Friends

Eva and I after the book signing event – happy to have met so many of the Authors we enjoy reading.

Troops, USA, Support

Support for the troops evident in Boonsboro on all the lights along the downtown street. Thanks for all that have served and continue to serve USA.

Water Lilly, flowers, Boonsboro, Maryland

Boonsboro Flowers I found after the Book Signing Event

Sunflowers, Boonsboro Maryland

Sunflower plants found after the book signing in Boonsboro, Maryland

Rose, Boonsboro, Maryland, local gardens

Rose at the perfect point to before the peddles start to fall.  I found this Rose in Boonsboro, Maryland backyard garden – thanks to those that garden.

July 18th Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe is Hosting Nora Roberts book signing Event 11 a.m. Eastern Time

Nora Roberts and I great moment for me - I love all her books and her ability to bring characters to life.

Nora Roberts and I great moment for me – I love all her books and her ability to bring characters to life. My thanks to Laura – Nora’s PR & Social Media expert thanks for a great picture.

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe is the place to be on July 18th for the 20th Anniversary book signing event with Nora Roberts

I have the T-shirt shown here – wears great and supports brick and mortar business. Note the change of time – signing starts at 11 a.m. Eastern Time out in Boonsboro, Marylandgateway to Civil War Discovery Trail and Antietam National Battlefield. Make this area your next vacation stop or long weekend get away. The area revives the soul.  I’ll be with all the book lovers in spirit:)

Don’t forget you can get books signed virtually – be sure to follow the instructions on the TTPBooks.com Website (especially note on mobile devices) to be sure to get your book signed the way you want it to be.  They will ship all over the world.


Facebook Posting from Turn The Page Bookstore

Picture Taken on July 13, 2-14 at Nora Roberts' book signing at Boonsboro, MD

Picture Taken on July 13, 2-14 at Nora Roberts’ book signing at Boonsboro, MD

Posting from TTPBooks.com here’s the link:  https://www.facebook.com/ttpbooks/posts/733904136644294

 Recently a lot of new customers have ordered from our website. Some who have followed links from other sites that direct them to ours. We welcome them all! We are thankful to each and every one of you that support our bookstore and Nora. However, we do want to remind everyone to read all the directions before placing an order. Especially if placing an order from a mobile device. There have been complaints about books being received unsigned. If you do not fill out the prompt to the right of the book, or check the box that is available, then your book will not be autographed. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with the merchandise they receive from us. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact us at 301-432-4588.

Personal note from me:  I’m a bookstore supporter & a Nora Roberts Fan. I get excellent service from TTPBooks.com via online sales.  I love brick and mortar businesses.  Keep on reading everyone.