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Happy Mother’s Day

Hi All,

I hope you are enjoying the Spring where you are. It’s sunny in Minneapolis. I’ve been gardening see pictures here: https://photos2shareblog.com/2019/05/12/happy-mothers-day-all-especially-those-in-heaven/

I’ve been listening to JD Robb’s latest In Death Book too, “Connections In Death”. Very well written & narrated by Susan Erickson. This series is about developing family connections beyond those related to you. It’s a community of characters helping one another out while doing their jobs. I recommend this series to all that enjoy crime drama & finding connections worth holding onto.

Check out another great author here:


Lindsay Townsend never disappoints with her witty & timely stories of suspense & romance. Stories that inspire. Worth a click to check out her stories.

May you all find the hope of Spring & enjoy some outside time maybe with family, friends, passerby or a friendly clerk. Smile not only do you feel better doing it you find wonderful connections.

A beautiful view from my terrace garden. Find your view

July 9th Book Signing Event at Turn The Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, MD

Book Signing, Boonsboro, Maryland, Nora Roberts

Line for tickets at the July 9th Turn The Page Bookstore Book Signing Event in Boonsboro Maryland

Beautiful weather and people at the July 9th Event at Turn The Page Bookstore at 18 N. Main Street, Boonsboro MD  21713 – follow this link for more information about the event:  http://ttpbooks.com/category/VB.html

The authors all the authors and staff had smiles.  I enjoyed talking about the books they write and the libraries we both support.

Here are the pictures from the event with the authors:

Book Store, Maryland, Boonsboro, Nora Roberts

July 9th, 2016 Books on Display for the Book Signing at Turn The Page Book Store

Gage Shepherd children's book author

Gage Shepherd 1st in line and busy with book signing.

Stephen Bockmiller, Boonsboro, Maryland, Book Signing, Turn The Page Bookstore

Hagerstown and Washington County historical account of how the Civil War impacted the people living in the war zone.

Lisa Scottoline, Francesca Seritella

Mom and daughter writing team. Lisa loves libraries and said Hi to my librarians in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Hennepin County Library.

Maya Banks, Kendra Castle

Maya Banks writes great books with excellently developed characters. I haven’t read any from Kendra yet more to follow as I work my way through her book.

Samantha Chase, Turn The Page Bookstore

Samantha Chase greeted us in the line and gave us a very nice pen with stylus top for tablets – thanks much, Samantha. The book I bought during the event will be the first I’ve read from you.

Nora Roberts, J. D. Robb, Turn The Page Bookstore

Thanks for the picture and signatures, Nora and for hosting the event for the Fans of your writing. I’m glad you support libraries and literacy for everyone.

Laura is Nora Roberts' personal publicist

Thanks to Laura for taking all the pictures with Nora and organizing the social media accounts and Fan events.

Eva, Boonsboro, Book Signing, Friends

Eva and I after the book signing event – happy to have met so many of the Authors we enjoy reading.

Troops, USA, Support

Support for the troops evident in Boonsboro on all the lights along the downtown street. Thanks for all that have served and continue to serve USA.

Water Lilly, flowers, Boonsboro, Maryland

Boonsboro Flowers I found after the Book Signing Event

Sunflowers, Boonsboro Maryland

Sunflower plants found after the book signing in Boonsboro, Maryland

Rose, Boonsboro, Maryland, local gardens

Rose at the perfect point to before the peddles start to fall.  I found this Rose in Boonsboro, Maryland backyard garden – thanks to those that garden.

July 18th Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe is Hosting Nora Roberts book signing Event 11 a.m. Eastern Time

Nora Roberts and I great moment for me - I love all her books and her ability to bring characters to life.

Nora Roberts and I great moment for me – I love all her books and her ability to bring characters to life. My thanks to Laura – Nora’s PR & Social Media expert thanks for a great picture.

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe is the place to be on July 18th for the 20th Anniversary book signing event with Nora Roberts

I have the T-shirt shown here – wears great and supports brick and mortar business. Note the change of time – signing starts at 11 a.m. Eastern Time out in Boonsboro, Marylandgateway to Civil War Discovery Trail and Antietam National Battlefield. Make this area your next vacation stop or long weekend get away. The area revives the soul.  I’ll be with all the book lovers in spirit:)

Don’t forget you can get books signed virtually – be sure to follow the instructions on the TTPBooks.com Website (especially note on mobile devices) to be sure to get your book signed the way you want it to be.  They will ship all over the world.


Sarah Addison Allen to sign at Turn the Page on Saturday – Herald Mail Media: Life

Sarah Addison Allen to sign at Turn the Page on Saturday – Herald Mail Media: Life.

Great bookstore on main street Boonsboro MD.  More than books are available virtually and in person.  Check out the website at:  TTPBooks.com.

Nora Roberts’ Book Signing February 7th, 2015 at Boonsboro Maryland


Me in JD Robb T-Shirt


JDRobb T shirt Front JDRobb T shirt Back

Nora Roberts Book Signing Today http://ttpbooks.com/category/VB.html in Boonsboro MD at Ttpbooks.com.“Obsession In Death” to be signed by JD Robb. More than books at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe I’m attending virtually.

Recommend JD Robb’s Survivor In Death

I’m traveling to Boonsboro, Maryland for the November 1st book signing event at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe see this link for further details:   http://ttpbooks.com/category/VB.html

I’ve been listening to the In Death Series on digital audio and just completed book 20 in the series.
SURVIVOR IN DEATH AUDIO (select for prices)

This title is available via this link:  http://ttpbooks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=TTPB&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=1AUDIOJDRa20

Summerset shines in this continuing story of the crime busting, Lieutenant Eve Dallas.  10 year old Nixie Swisher finds solace with Summerset when Lieutenant Dallas needs to keep her safe in the fortress Roarke built.
JD Robb writes several moving and vivid scenes in “Survivor In Death”.  The most memorable was the trip to the morgue to take Nixie to say goodbye to her murdered family.  Every time I read this section of the book I cry.  It reminds me so much of those I’ve said goodbye to as a child and adult.  The crowning scene though is when Nixie goes back to Lieutenant Eve and Roarke’s house and sits with Summerset.  Brings tears to my eyes just remembering the moment between them. Take some time today and experience these touching scenes.  This story is also a great Fall book – I love how Peabody describes the falling leaves and how bare the trees are after all the leaves have gone before the first snow falls.  So true to the mid-west and New York too. May you find comfort for any loses you’ve experienced as you read “Survivor In Death”. Peace.

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe Book Signing News

IMG_0207_2Festive In Death, JD Robb, Murder Mysteries, Women Dectives, New York

Thanks to JD Robb for delivering another great murder mystery and for signing my copy.  I appreciate all you do for your fans.

I’ll be at the November 1st signing. Saving my money but I did get a signed copy of Festive in Death loving the story so far. Eve rocks. Thanks JD Robb for the writing and the signing and Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe for hosting and mailing out all the virtual copies you all are the best brick and mortar business going and you never forget a customer order. I appreciate your dedication to customer service. See you in November along with Eva Cutter Coppersmith a great lady I met at the July 13th signing event in 2013. Love all of Nora Roberts & JD Robb fans. Peace.

 Post below quoted from my Facebook News Feed:

We had a wonderful event yesterday! Thank you to all the authors who signed with us and for the fans who came out to meet them! Our next signing will be on November 1st and we have another great line up. You will get to meet Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins, Brenda Novak, Marie Force, Cara Connelly, Anne Barton and local author Pat Donohoe. We hope you can make it!

Nora Roberts’ Book signing July 19th at Boonsboro Maryland

Nora Roberts’ Book signing July 19th at Boonsboro Maryland.  A record number attended the 19th Anniversary Book Signing event.

Here are the books I have on order for virtual signing.  Some great authors in attendance today.  Reports from Facebook at this link:  https://www.facebook.com/ttpbooks show many satisfied customers.

TC_1ASHES LADY OF ASHES by Christine Trent

BM_BREATH2 FEVER by Maya Banks

Thanks to all at Turn The Page and the authors that make virtual signings possible.

Get your signed copies virtually all over the world at ttpbooks.com  just remember to put your name or Just Sign in the box toward the middle of the ordering page.



Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe to Host Nora Roberts Book Signing

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe to Host Nora Roberts Book Signing
Tomorrow March 22 from 12 – 2 pm Eastern time Click here to find out more information

Why I Recommend “Delusion in Death” In Death, Book 35 by J.D. Robb Book & Audiobook?

What do you look for in a good mystery?

First thing I want is a complex crime that takes some time solving. I want a strong detective that thinks through their search in a way I can share. The criminal(s) needs to have some moves that keep police guessing.

These key elements are in every J.D. Robb story. “Delusion in Death” is no exception.

The crime is particularly nasty because friends are viciously killing friends, no apparent reason is on scene, and they are dying in very large numbers.  The time of the murders is also ironic – during Happy Hour.

Eve – a strong, smart female Lieutenant of Detectives at NYPSD – knows there’s more going on than just a bad day.  She starts her investigation with her usual style – all business. Her methodical search gives me a look into the criminal mind and the motives that drive them.

“Delusion in Death” brings out the best in Eve helping her learn more about how she thinks so I, as the reader, find insight into my own thoughts.  Always more than just the main story in J.D. Robb books.  When I study the story I acquire knowledge about human nature, what it takes to keep sanity on a job, and maintain a happy, healthy home life in a stressful career.

Give “Delusion in Death” a look – you won’t be disappointed.

Why try the audiobook? Because Susan Ericksen is the narrator of the series!  She creates characters I recognize from tone and inflection alone.  Emotions come out as the story unfolds.  Better than any old time radio drama by far.

The number one reason to try the audio J.D. Robb writes dialog that’s real (doesn’t describe every conversation with said, or asked, for examples – the text flows together without identifying every nuance of the speech).  You’ll never find yourself keying in on and counting phrases like “he said” or “she said” instead of what the book is about.

Where I buy J.D. Robb is at the following links:



My Favorite for Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb books, audiobooks and movies:


Book and Kindle: