Why I Recommend “Delusion in Death” In Death, Book 35 by J.D. Robb Book & Audiobook?

What do you look for in a good mystery?

First thing I want is a complex crime that takes some time solving. I want a strong detective that thinks through their search in a way I can share. The criminal(s) needs to have some moves that keep police guessing.

These key elements are in every J.D. Robb story. “Delusion in Death” is no exception.

The crime is particularly nasty because friends are viciously killing friends, no apparent reason is on scene, and they are dying in very large numbers.  The time of the murders is also ironic – during Happy Hour.

Eve – a strong, smart female Lieutenant of Detectives at NYPSD – knows there’s more going on than just a bad day.  She starts her investigation with her usual style – all business. Her methodical search gives me a look into the criminal mind and the motives that drive them.

“Delusion in Death” brings out the best in Eve helping her learn more about how she thinks so I, as the reader, find insight into my own thoughts.  Always more than just the main story in J.D. Robb books.  When I study the story I acquire knowledge about human nature, what it takes to keep sanity on a job, and maintain a happy, healthy home life in a stressful career.

Give “Delusion in Death” a look – you won’t be disappointed.

Why try the audiobook? Because Susan Ericksen is the narrator of the series!  She creates characters I recognize from tone and inflection alone.  Emotions come out as the story unfolds.  Better than any old time radio drama by far.

The number one reason to try the audio J.D. Robb writes dialog that’s real (doesn’t describe every conversation with said, or asked, for examples – the text flows together without identifying every nuance of the speech).  You’ll never find yourself keying in on and counting phrases like “he said” or “she said” instead of what the book is about.

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