Healthy Lifestyle – My Personal Journey

Me in JD Robb T-ShirtThis Page is devoted to milestones on my Journey to Wellness started on July 13, 2013:

1. Aha moment – I would soon be to big to fit in one airplane seat.

2. Picked up the book “It Starts with Food…” see my book review at:

3. #LetsMove @LetsMove

4. March for Babies

5. Can Do Healthy Lifestyle insurance covered program that helps you become healthier while working on mind, body and soul-spirit. All aspects of living are covered in this program.

6. Completed the Twin Cities Heart Walk

7. EFT and how tapping acupuncture sites can change your life.

8. Last visit to the doctor blood pressure normal along with cholesterol and organ function “It Starts with Food” works get your copy today and read it.

The journey continues… see my blog at:

for new postings on my continuing journey to wellness.

Comments welcome

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