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Recommend – “It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways,” by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig

I recommend – “It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways,” by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig.

Why is this book different than all the other books on weight loss? Because its about nutrition – its about how the body uses food and it doesn’t count calories.

I found this book when I traveled to Boonsboro, MD last July, 2013, while browsing at Turn The Page Bookstore (website =

On the flight to see Nora Roberts I realized just how over weight I was. When you have trouble getting the airplane seat belt on you know you need to do something. Only trouble with this idea is I’ve tried so many things in my 50 something years I really had given up hope. The last time I tried a diet I did fine while I could walk – lost over 50 pounds then my hip started hurting so bad couldn’t even lift it over the tub. So found nothing wrong at the doctor just instructions to ice it. Well, I sure didn’t want to be in a situation where I couldn’t function again – answer – stop walking and soon gained back with a vengeance, what I lost and a good 5 more.

That was 2008, so now in 2013 I’m in Boonsboro and see this book on “It Starts with Food…” and I thought yes – that’s what I need to know how is the food I eat affecting me – so picked it up and it changed my life.

This book works. The part I like best is learning how the body processes food. When I realize that the body is really just the vehicle that gets my soul and spirit around then I see how I can manage my food as fuel. From July to October I lost over 50 pounds with no extra exercise just following It Starts with Food.

My weight loss stabilized there mainly because I ran out of fresh food from the farmer’s market (took me a while to realize how to fix this was just get some low calorie vegetables to substitute) and (main reason) I tend to reward myself with sweets during the holidays – that is going to stop. The body doesn’t need food rewards. The mind doesn’t either – so soul and spirit – my core is going to realize this. You are able to change behavior – I’ve done this with meditation so I’ll apply it to food as fuel principle as well.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel at 209 than I did at 255 or so (my height is 5’3″). Lost 8″ off my waist – this makes life so much easier. I’m not done – I will lose more. I signed up for the March of Dimes walk and have started measuring my steps. I’m working toward doing at least 2500 steps a day to start out. I still have the hip issue but not as bad as it once was and this time I’m finding answers to how to fix it.

I’m sharing all this to help out others who struggle with weight. When you get this book and really read it (very readable by the way – guides you to the sections you need most if you don’t need to be convinced) you’ll begin to realize why you gained the weight in the first place. This isn’t about a lack of will-power or laziness its about getting the nutrition your body is able to use efficiently.

Even with my adding sugar back (you don’t need it – I proved that to myself for 3 months) I didn’t gain back – I just stopped losing. So this program works on how the body breaks down the food.

Hope you are able to get this book – here’s some links to find it:

Another good book to help you with changing behavior for the better is:

I’ll write more about these books both contain excellent advice on how to be your best. The first one covers the basics of meditation and the 2nd gives you stories and lessons to help you get the key concepts that will help your mind and body perform more efficiently. Weight loss that last means a lifestyle change. It’s never to soon to eat right – don’t wait until you’re over 50 to begin your journey to better health.

Recommend – “My Words into the Beyond,” by Regina Puckett

I recommend – “My Words into the Beyond,” audiobook by Regina Puckett
The narrator, George Taylor, is the perfect choice for reading this audiobook of poetry.
His voice is deep and comforting as he tells Regina’s poems of life with all of the loves, dreams, disappointments and triumphs expressed so vividly.
So much of what I’ve experienced in life is communicated in the words of this book.
Thank you Regina, for finding a way to articulate so truly the human journey. It was beautiful to listen to over and over, every time finding something new to reflect on.
I haven’t read poetry for many years, I’m so glad I connected with you on Twitter (@ReginaPucket) and found your writing – so fresh – so true – so inspiring.
Keep on writing Regina Puckett.

Recommend The Snow Bride by Lindsay Townsend

I recommend, “The Snow Bride” by Lindsay Townsend.
The audiobook was well engineered and the reading, by Victoria Scott, was musical.
The story was an adventure into medieval England. Characters were expressive and engaging. The scenes were descriptive and inviting in most cases.
There were scenes that were scary and full of tension keeping the reader entertained and interested.
The part I liked best about Lindsay’s book was the hope and the love expressed by the hero and heroine. They had to find a common language, get beyond outward appearances and prejudices. Very well done work on overcoming disabilities and special gifts (which to some would have seemed like trouble in medieval times) to the core of human nature to love and be loved and to overcome evil.
Thank you, Lindsay, for a tale that brings so much hope and true caring and understanding to the reader. I will be reading more of your books. I’m glad we connected on tweeter, @lindsayromantic, keep on tweeting.

The audiobook is available at the following links – you may also get the book & e-book as well:



Paperback book:

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A Trip I’ll Never Forget

Picture Taken on July 13, 2014 at Nora Roberts' book signing in Boonsboro, MD

Picture Taken on July 13, 2-14 at Nora Roberts’ book signing at Boonsboro, MD

I traveled to Maryland to see my favorite author in person and found so much more. I’ll be blogging about all I found and what I’ve discovered in the many books I’ve read by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb with some book reviews thrown in along the way. Let the journey begin.

Day 169 – Hold My Hand in the Grocery Store


“…. All of us…

…. All of us want people to treat us with kindness and respect. We get upset when they don’t. To make ourselves unupsettable, Easwaran says, the secret is simple: treat others with the kindness and respect we want for ourselves. We can’t change them, after all. If we want less friction, our only practical choice is to make changes in ourselves.
Does that mean we can expect people to treat us with kindness when we do this? No, though I think they’re much more likely to. What Easwaran is saying is that when we speak and act with kindness, we make ourselves so secure that others’ unkindness doesn’t shake us.

From Strength in the Storm: Transform stress, live in balance and find peace of mind find this book at this link

I bring this quote forward because I saw a note about how do you find closure.  As I apply the many life changing ideas found in Eknath Easwaran book, Strength in the Storm:  Transform stress, live in balance and find peace of mind, I have found closure to many negative thoughts, relationships and destructive actions.  Making these changes in my own thinking has brought me peace of mind and a conclusion to all of the self-doubt I was experiencing.  I hope sharing this quote is of help to all of you weathering a storm. May you find the comfort I found from Easwaran’s wisdom and stories. Remember all we have is the moment and I’m thankful for it. 


Melissa Blanchard. 

Dobri Dobrev

Thank you for sharing. May we all be so kind & giving as this Angel among us.

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Recommend – “An Unwilling Conquest Lester Family Saga, Book 3” by Stephanie Laurens

I recommend – “An Unwilling Conquest Lester Family Saga, Book 3” by Stephanie Laurens audiobook narrated by Nellie Chaltant.

Sound quality was clear and easy listening. Nellie created distinct voices for all the characters.

Stephanie’s dialog was flowing and fun weaving a story of a young widow traveling to investigate her inherited Inns. The widow is a strong woman that understands business but shows compassion as well.

I enjoyed the drama and the comedy in the story – well crafted. Just enough adventure, romance and mystery to entertain and keep you listening. Stephanie also brings out the horses in the book as well – her depictions demonstrates her love and understanding.

Thanks, Stephanie Laurens, for another excellent story.

Also appreciated the free download from Hennepin County Library – follow this link to learn more Best selection of audio & e book downloads for libraries of similar size in the country and I’m happy to be living in Hennepin County. Support your local libraries they bring books in every format to all.