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Check Out a Great Author, Lindsay Townsend and her latest, “The Virgin, The Knight and the Dragon”

Hi Readers,

There’s a new book out there for all that enjoy historical romance.  Check out the link below to find out more:

Link to Lindsay’s Website



Melissa Blanchard

When Calls The Heart – Book Based TV

Happy 1st Saturday in March,

I hope all are enjoying the 1st TV book based series from a Christian author, Janette Oke.

The story lines bring topics that help us understand one another no matter our background or physical limitations.

This is a show devoted to creating TV that all members of the family can watch together.

Follow this link to learn more about discovering how to watch where you live:

When Calls The Heart Season 4 TV from the Heart

My thanks to Hallmark Channel for bringing families together to enjoy stories from the heart.


Melissa Blanchard

From:  Minneapolis, MN


July 9th Book Signing Event at Turn The Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, MD

Book Signing, Boonsboro, Maryland, Nora Roberts

Line for tickets at the July 9th Turn The Page Bookstore Book Signing Event in Boonsboro Maryland

Beautiful weather and people at the July 9th Event at Turn The Page Bookstore at 18 N. Main Street, Boonsboro MD  21713 – follow this link for more information about the event:

The authors all the authors and staff had smiles.  I enjoyed talking about the books they write and the libraries we both support.

Here are the pictures from the event with the authors:

Book Store, Maryland, Boonsboro, Nora Roberts

July 9th, 2016 Books on Display for the Book Signing at Turn The Page Book Store

Gage Shepherd children's book author

Gage Shepherd 1st in line and busy with book signing.

Stephen Bockmiller, Boonsboro, Maryland, Book Signing, Turn The Page Bookstore

Hagerstown and Washington County historical account of how the Civil War impacted the people living in the war zone.

Lisa Scottoline, Francesca Seritella

Mom and daughter writing team. Lisa loves libraries and said Hi to my librarians in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Hennepin County Library.

Maya Banks, Kendra Castle

Maya Banks writes great books with excellently developed characters. I haven’t read any from Kendra yet more to follow as I work my way through her book.

Samantha Chase, Turn The Page Bookstore

Samantha Chase greeted us in the line and gave us a very nice pen with stylus top for tablets – thanks much, Samantha. The book I bought during the event will be the first I’ve read from you.

Nora Roberts, J. D. Robb, Turn The Page Bookstore

Thanks for the picture and signatures, Nora and for hosting the event for the Fans of your writing. I’m glad you support libraries and literacy for everyone.

Laura is Nora Roberts' personal publicist

Thanks to Laura for taking all the pictures with Nora and organizing the social media accounts and Fan events.

Eva, Boonsboro, Book Signing, Friends

Eva and I after the book signing event – happy to have met so many of the Authors we enjoy reading.

Troops, USA, Support

Support for the troops evident in Boonsboro on all the lights along the downtown street. Thanks for all that have served and continue to serve USA.

Water Lilly, flowers, Boonsboro, Maryland

Boonsboro Flowers I found after the Book Signing Event

Sunflowers, Boonsboro Maryland

Sunflower plants found after the book signing in Boonsboro, Maryland

Rose, Boonsboro, Maryland, local gardens

Rose at the perfect point to before the peddles start to fall.  I found this Rose in Boonsboro, Maryland backyard garden – thanks to those that garden.

“The Informant” by James Grippando and Narrated by George Guidall

A story written to help you understand the criminal mind and the women in authority that search them down relentlessly.

A story written to help you understand the criminal mind and the women in authority that search them down relentlessly.

I just finished the Audiobook “The Informant” by James Grippando & narrated by George Guidall
Wow this story was an indepth study of a serial killer.

There were many twists & turns so in the end you are surprised by why Mike was selected as the reporter getting inside information.

Well developed characters & a plot that dug deep but kept the story moving. Very well done.

George Guidall’s voice is easy to listen to.  He gives voice to the characters.  I recognize them from the vocal tones alone.  The narration reminds me very much of a one man play.

I recommend this book to all that don’t mind finding out about the criminal mind & enjoy understanding the woman in authority that go after them relentlessly.


I got my Digital copy from Hennepin County library on OneClickDigital but I wouldn’t mind owning & revisiting these characters from time to time.

Review of Slated for Death (Penny Brannigan Book 6) by Elizabeth J. Duncan read by Anne Flosnik

Audio Book Reviews's photo.

Guest ‪#‎audiobook‬ Review of Slated for Death (Penny Brannigan Book 6) by Elizabeth J. Duncan read by Anne Flosnik…/guest-review-slated-death-p…/

Anne Flosnik Thank you so much for your generous words Melissa! This is part of a delightful traditional mystery series set in Wales. Each book stands alone or builds on the others. The focus of each changes, with the spotlight being on a slate mine in this one. They are beautifully wriiten by Elizabeth J. Duncan, and completely absorbing.

Note from Melissa Blanchard:

I’m sharing this post from my Facebook account from an Anne Flosnik share. Anne Flosnik is an excellent narrator providing voices for all the characters. I enjoy her narrations and will be picking up this audiobook to add to me reading list.  I’ll let you know how I like it blog followers but for now this is an Audio Book Reviews link above shared by Anne and then by me on Facebook.  Enjoy.

Endorse “Neighing with Fire” by Kathryn O’Sullivan 3rd book in the Colleen McCabe Series Release Date May 5, 2015















I’m thankful for the opportunity to review this book before the official release.  Kathryn O’Sullivan brings us mysteries with a new flair but true to the tradition of Agatha Christie – great plots with engaging dialog.

Firefighting Chief Collen McCabe shows how well a woman performs in positions of authority and leadership. Chief McCabe not only fights fire but crime as well and still finds time to nurture a budding romance.

The story begins with the author, Kathryn O’Sullivan, breathing life into a piece of plastic sheeting from a construction site. The plastic carries the reader into the story in a kind of ballet as the sheeting takes us to a long buried crime scene. The body found is just the start of the mystery that Colleen and her friend, Sheriff  Bill Dorman, work to solve as the story unfolds.

There’s  drama in the North Carolina’s Outer Banks community between those that support the Wild horse habitat and the piping plover shore birds as well as those that would see all habitat taken up with new construction.  Colleen has a fight with Denny Custis, a ruthless land developer about these subject not long before he turns up dead at one of Chief McCabe’s fire scenes.

There’s too many that have issues with Denny and the battle over land for wild habitat versus resorts to make solving the case easy but Colleen has a hunch that the long buried body and Denny’s death are connected now all she has to find out is how.

This excerpt from”Neighing with Fire” demonstrates the compassion Chief McCabe feels for her firefighters:

“….She [McCabe] was anxious to find out how her men were doing – particularly Chip and Kenny, who had been inside the burning structure. …”

Chief McCabe shows how capable a woman is when making life and death decisions without hesitation. I hope strong women both young and old read the Colleen McCabe Series as an inspiration to aspire to the jobs that are in their heart to pursue.

Another great part of the story is the beautifully written scene depicting the picturesque setting of the Outer Banks Village of Corolla, where wild horses still roam free and fire fighters enforce no feeding laws as well as putting out engine fires for cars unfamiliar with driving on Carova Beach.

The message I take from the Colleen McCabe Series is follow your dreams, listen to the message of inner truth and strive to be the best you can be.

I’m looking forward to reading more books from the Colleen McCabe Series. I enjoy mysteries that have a message similar to the one underlying Elizabeth Peters work, highlighting Amelia Peabody’s* books, women don’t need a man to succeed they just need to believe in themselves. These books are also very well written with emphasis on the mystery.

I’m hopeful the writing of Kathryn O’Sullivan continues with many more rewarding reading experiences.

Where to find out more about the books and the author on GoodReads:

Author’s web page here:








*Amelia Peabody

Other books in the Colleen McCabe Series are:

“Murder on the Hoof” #2

“Foal Play” #1


“Murder on the Hoof” by Kathryn O’Sullivan

Murder on the Hoof by Kathryn O'Sullivan

Murder on the Hoof by Kathryn O’sullivan

I recommend Kathryn O’Sullivan’s book “Murder on the Hoof,” Colleen McCabe #2

A mystery that kept me guessing until the very end. Well developed characters and plot make this book a great read.

I also like how Kathryn empowers women by placing them in non-traditional roles and portraying them as leaders of the community both personally and professionally.

“Murder on the Hoof” also has plenty of humor and well written dialog that makes reading easy. Hope you check out this author.

Also written by this author, “Foal Play” another excellent mystery the first book of the Colleen McCabe Series.

I Recommend Mary Balogh’s “A Secret Affair”


Mary Balogh’s “A Secret Affair” gets 5 Stars from me.

More than a great romance story between a strong woman and man. This story covered some of the ills of the period and how two caring people were able to make a difference for those unable to improve their lot in life on their own.  Anne Flosnik does an excellent job bringing the characters to life with her narration on the audiobook.  Well done production.  Thank you Hennepin County library for providing the best selection of audio and ebook for any library of similar size.


Melissa Blanchard


Minneapolis MN

Nora Roberts’ Book signing November 1st, 2014 at Boonsboro Maryland

Loved the Piper too - special for this book signing event.  He is a Piper for Hire contact him at

Loved the Piper too – special for this book signing event. He is a Piper for Hire contact him at

Once again the team that makes the Nora Roberts’ book signing events a success delivered.

The first in line (I’m told) arrived around 6:30 a.m. I arrived at around 8:30 a.m. or so on Saturday, November 1st.  Here’s picture of how many were in line at that time:

Altitude at 1500 feet in Boonsboro made air feel colder to this Minnesotan

Meeting the authors and the great fans in line made the wait in line an adventure well worth braving the cold.

I met many lovely people in the line. First was Becky pictured with me here:

Nora Roberts' Book Signing Event Novemember 1st

We tweeted this picture from the line and an author RT and mentioned great fun

She took a picture of me too – I got my coat on an a trip to Harper’s Ferry with my friend Eva on October 31. Well worth the investment – perfect fall coat.

Harper's Ferry, Eva, Civil War sites

Coat from Harper’s Ferry visit – thanks much Eva for a wonderful day on October 31 enjoyed every moment

I also met Denise and Jennifer – this is a picture I took of them in line before I met them later right before signing with the authors:

Friends, Book Signing Event, Boonsboro Maryland, Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe, Nora Roberts

Denise and Jennifer waiting for the Nora Roberts’ book signing event tickets

After we got our tickets we were assigned a group and a time to return for the book signing. I took advantage of the great shops in Boonsboro and went shopping at Gifts Inn Boonsboro to start its right next door to Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe and here are some highlights of what I found in that excellent shop:

IMG_1297_2 IMG_1301 IMG_1292 IMG_1293 IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1298 IMG_1304

They also had hand painted silk scarfs, ear rings, hand made pottery by Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe Manager Janeen Solberg

Here’s what I bought:

Harper's Ferry

Hat from Harper’s Ferry Free Trade Shop

Shelf for coats found at Olde Homestead great place to shope in Boonsboro MD Nora's book bag holding all the books I bought and authors signed.  The stuffed animal is from the Free trade store at Harper's Ferry Nora’s book bag holding all the books I bought and authors signed. The stuffed animal is from the Free trade store at Harper’s Ferry purchases purchases hanging ornament good reminder purchases purchases wreath for Fall hand made by a local artist lovely picture card of Antietam Battle ground road lovely picture card of Antietam Battle ground road Wonderfully unique cards Wonderfully unique cards Wonderfully unique cards Wonderfully unique cards beautifully crafted pottery made and signed by Janeen Solberg beautifully crafted pottery made and signed by Janeen Solberg "Blood Magick" Nora Roberts signed my copy:) “Blood Magick” Nora Roberts signed my copy:) "Blood Magick" Nora Roberts signed my copy:) “Blood Magick” Nora Roberts signed my copy:)

I hope if you ever get the chance you’ll attend a Nora Roberts’ Book Signing event – Boonsboro is a great place to shop, see the Civil War sites (Harper’s Ferry is just 18 miles away) and climb South Mountain and see the beginning of the Appilacian North Trail and the Washington monument that resides in Maryland here are some sights to see:










Here’s the best for last – my pictures with the authors my thanks to each and everyone for all the smiles, chatting about the books, Facebook posts, and genuinely enjoying the experience of meeting their fans:

Anne Barton on the left - I'll be getting her book soon

Anne Barton on the left – I’ll be getting her book soon

Cara Connelly thanks the smile and the signature

Cara Connelly thanks the smile and the signature Love Marie's smile and her writing is excellent too:) Love Marie’s smile and her writing is excellent too:) I've read Donna's books for many years good to meet her in person I’ve read Donna’s books for many years good to meet her in person

Brenda Novak's husband took this picture

Brenda Novak’s husband took this picture

Book Signing, Kristan Higgins

Kristian is a lovely lady so glad she was at the book signing with Nora at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe


A new author, Patricia Donohoe - writing about an ancestor from the Civil War fasinating story

A new author, Patricia Donohoe – writing about an ancestor from the Civil War fascinating story. Enjoyed our talk as she signed my book.

Nora Roberts and I great moment for me - I love all her books and her ability to bring characters to life.

Nora Roberts and I great moment for me – I love all her books and her ability to bring characters to life. My thanks to Laura – Nora’s PR & Social Media expert thanks for a great picture.

Thanks everyone at Boonsboro MD – you all made me feel welcome like an old friend.  This post took more time than I thought it would so my review of “Blood Magick,” Nora Roberts latest best seller, will follow next week.  Peace.

Recommend JD Robb’s Survivor In Death

I’m traveling to Boonsboro, Maryland for the November 1st book signing event at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe see this link for further details:

I’ve been listening to the In Death Series on digital audio and just completed book 20 in the series.
SURVIVOR IN DEATH AUDIO (select for prices)

This title is available via this link:

Summerset shines in this continuing story of the crime busting, Lieutenant Eve Dallas.  10 year old Nixie Swisher finds solace with Summerset when Lieutenant Dallas needs to keep her safe in the fortress Roarke built.
JD Robb writes several moving and vivid scenes in “Survivor In Death”.  The most memorable was the trip to the morgue to take Nixie to say goodbye to her murdered family.  Every time I read this section of the book I cry.  It reminds me so much of those I’ve said goodbye to as a child and adult.  The crowning scene though is when Nixie goes back to Lieutenant Eve and Roarke’s house and sits with Summerset.  Brings tears to my eyes just remembering the moment between them. Take some time today and experience these touching scenes.  This story is also a great Fall book – I love how Peabody describes the falling leaves and how bare the trees are after all the leaves have gone before the first snow falls.  So true to the mid-west and New York too. May you find comfort for any loses you’ve experienced as you read “Survivor In Death”. Peace.