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Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe –

Why do we have bookstore’s anymore?

For me the answer is so the fans are able to connect with their favorite authors and enjoy the experience of opening a book fresh from the press – no feeling like it.

Here’s a good place to get the bookstore experience, Turn the Page Bookstore Café (, located on Main Street in downtown Boonsboro, Maryland.

This is a welcoming Brick and Mortar business. I speak from experiencing them via e-mail, internet and in person last July.

I was a stranger and never traveled East of Kentucky, but Boonsboro made me feel welcomed. Someone waved at me from their car as I walked to the bookstore. When I arrived 2 ladies in line for getting book signing tickets, invited me to lunch, the man handing out tickets was so happy and friendly telling me what I needed to know.

Once inside, the bookstore layout welcomes with coffee, well organized book topics, comfortable couch and chairs, and book art everywhere. But the best of all were the people behind the counter welcoming me as I walked in and inviting me to look around. Loved the smiles and accepting atmosphere.

When I arrived back with my group ticket (organized by time) for getting my books signed, I found a friend I still have today, she asked if I was going to the brunch the next day and we decided to look for one another, so glad we did.

The books that I bought from the February 15th book signing event at (I watched and ordered virtually) arrived via US Mail man yesterday. Here’s the quality authors, I ordered from, that participated:

Jaci Burton’s “Hope Flames,”
Jeanniene Frost’s “Twice Tempted,”
J.D. Robb’s “Concealed in Death,”
J. Kenner’s “claim me,” and
Sylvia Day writing as Livia Dare’s “In the Flesh,”

Thanks to J.D. Robb and all the authors of the event for sharing their writing secrets at the book signing webcast and for the signatures, book marks, and refrigerator magnet.

I will be reading all of these stories soon and posting my reviews here on my blog – Melissa Blanchard Book Corner (, Amazon and iTunes under user name MissMed51.

I couldn’t wait for the J.D. Robb, “Concealed in Death,” signed book to arrive so I purchased the audiobook. That review is already posted:) Will re-read the hard copy too but after I’ve read all the new books.

I appreciate all Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe does to supply signed copies to people all over the world.

Hope you check it out in person or on the web at or – join in the joy of sharing books and the adventures they contain. Your questions are welcomed – feel free to comment.

For all of you that have visited Turn The Page Bookstore Café – feel free to share you comments here as well.

Anyone wanting to is also invited to my Facebook page – or tweeter followers @MelissaBlancha6 always open to adding new book friends, authors and readers.