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Nora Roberts’ Book signing July 19th at Boonsboro Maryland

Nora Roberts’ Book signing July 19th at Boonsboro Maryland.  A record number attended the 19th Anniversary Book Signing event.

Here are the books I have on order for virtual signing.  Some great authors in attendance today.  Reports from Facebook at this link:  https://www.facebook.com/ttpbooks show many satisfied customers.

TC_1ASHES LADY OF ASHES by Christine Trent

BM_BREATH2 FEVER by Maya Banks

Thanks to all at Turn The Page and the authors that make virtual signings possible.

Get your signed copies virtually all over the world at ttpbooks.com  just remember to put your name or Just Sign in the box toward the middle of the ordering page.



“Hidden Away” by Maya Banks KGI Series Novel

Hidden Away by Maya Banks Kindle e-book on Amazon

Garrett Kelly is sent on a mission to capture Marcus Lattimer – a man that had cost the lives of the very men sent in to save him years earlier. Its personal with Garrett – a point of honor to see Marcus pay for his treasonous acts. So when Resnick wants Garret to stake out Sarah Daniels, a pawn that will bring Lattimer out of hiding, he’s eager to take the assignment.

Here are some quotes from the beginning of Maya Banks’ “Hidden Away”:

“‘I’m so sorry, Marcus. It should have been me who killed him,’ she [Sarah Daniels] whispered.”….

“‘So where do I come in?’ Garrett asked.”….

“‘Yeah. He’ll [Marcus Lattimer] show. Sarah’s too important to him. She’s the only … thing he seems to care about in the world….'” [from Resnick]

Garrett senses a connection with Sarah from the beginning. He knows she’s been badly hurt but is torn. He must stay true to the mission – catch Marcus Lattimer.

Will his reasons for deception be enough to convince Sarah he had honorable intentions?

Harry Berkley delivers again with an emotionally charged reading of Hidden Away. The characters take on a new vivid life as I listen. Really first rate rendition.

Maya Banks tackles the tough topics in this story with grace and dignity. She gives the women in her stories difficult roles that they are well able to handle. I enjoy reading about strong women taking on tasks that have been given to men for far too long.

Maya also gives her male characters compassion and the ability to show their emotions. Garrett is powerful yet vulnerable which makes me admire him all the more.

“Hidden Away” is full of drama, mystery and romance. A great addition to the KGI Series. Hope you get a chance to read the book and/or listen to the audiobook. Happy reading.

I got my copy from One Click Digital provided by Hennepin County Library. It is also available via these links:





“The Darkest Hour” by Maya Banks

Ethan Kelly believed his wife had been killed a year earlier.  He’s broken by the loss due to his sense of guilt over how they had last parted and subsequent awakening to how much he loved and needed her in his life.  Then suddenly he receives an envelope with information that contains a photo of a woman that looks very much like his late wife.  Could it really be Rachel and if so, how will they find her?

Here’s some quotes from Maya Banks’ “The Darkest Hour” from the opening chapter:

“The FedEx package lay to the side,….”

“He dragged out a stack of papers….”

“It was a photo of a woman, obviously a prisoner in some … jungle camp.  If Ethan had to guess, he’d place odds on South America or maybe Asia….”

“The woman looked remarkably like Rachel.  His wife, Rachel who was dead.”

Ethan believes the woman in the photo is his wife so the KGI team are called together to go on a rescue mission to get Rachel back.  It will be a fight like none they’ve ever done in the past.  Ethan is in a hurry so they go in with limited help but they all believe that the woman, could it really be Rachel, has limited time.

The narrator of the audiobook, Harry Berkley, does an excellent job bringing out the depth of emotions that Ethan is experiencing. Listening, you feel like you’re in the jungle fighting for your life. Very well written and produced on the audiobook side.

Maya Banks really gets to the root of the consequences of drug abuse and the many layers that go into making a marriage.  No matter your age or gender this book is written for anyone living the human experience.

I must stress the writing in this book was superb, so much emotional depth was given to the characters I feel like I’d know them if they walked up on the street.  Keep on writing, Maya Banks you have a gift for storytelling few ever master.

I listened to the One Click Digital audiobook from my local library, Hennepin County Library.  Thank you @HCLIB for having the greatest selection of audio and e books of comparable libraries of your size. Keep on doing what you do.

You may also get this title on kindle at this link:


Or Audiobook at this link:


“Enticed by His Forgotten Lover” by Maya Banks

Rafael is at a very exclusive fund raiser that he’s throwing and bumps into a pregnant woman that claims to know him. He has no memory of her but is intrigued so tracks her down to her hotel room. She not only doesn’t back down but claims he fathered her unborn child as well.

Here’s a quote from Maya Banks’ “Enticed by His Forgotten Lover”, from beginning of the book, that sums up Rafael and Bryony’s relationship while giving us a  glimpse of the mystery that unfolds throughout the story:

“It was hard for him to discern why he was so arrested by her….
“….’Met? Have we met?’ Her voice was barely above a whisper, but he felt each word like the crack of a whip. ‘You sorry bastard!’
“Before he could process the shock of her outburst she nailed him with a right hook….”

I love Maya Banks dialog – it flows into the narration seamlessly. When the narrator, Harry Berkley reads the manuscript there’s no breaks with he said or she said type repetition its perfectly scripted for audio. Harry also gives Rafael’s character depth with the accent he chooses.

“Enticed by His Forgotten Lover” is a mystery romance that will keep you guessing to the end. I enjoy Maya Banks’ descriptive scenes and her ability to make up intriguing characters that I want to learn more about.

Maya is an engaging author, I want to know how it ends so I listen at every opportunity until the very last word. Thanks, Maya for delivering with “Enticed by His Forgotten Lover”.

Also thanks to my local library for providing this title on One Click Digital provided by Hennepin County Library – love this libraries selection of audio and e-books.

You may also purchase audiobook at the link below:


Or Kindle e-book at the link below:

“Whispers in the Dark” by Maya Banks – Romantic Thriller

What makes this KGI Series Book 4 a must read?

When a tough man is nearly broken its a story but when a woman this man has never met steps in with an empathetic gift to bring him comfort and new hope you have a Maya Banks romantic thriller.

Fast paced novel with lots of twists and turns but throughout you never give up hope. The images that Maya Banks writes about are still in my mind, when the hero is searching for his rescuer she describes what’s around her. Its as if I can still remember the smell of pine – the writing a vivid intense artwork.

When you finish you’ll want to read about Shea’s sister, Grace, a class act that wants the best for Shea.

Great story of family love and what really goes into defining a true clan.

Since I also benefited from the audio version of this book, I wanted to say that Harry Berkeley does a first class job with creating distinct voices for every character. Hearing the story really brings it to life.

I hope you all get the chance to experience “Whispers in the Dark,” its not your average thriller but something more.

Below is the image for Book 5, Grace’s book.

Echoes at Dawn

Here are some links to where you may find the Whispers in the Dark (I’m also thankful to Hennepin County Library for providing this excellent work on OneClickDigital last link listed below::



Enticed by His Forgotten Lover

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover

New York Times best-selling author Maya Banks presents a story of lost love and new beginnings.

This novel grabs you and won’t let go – recommend for all that love a good mystery/romance.

Listening to this title today courtesy  of OneClickDigital an excellent source of audiobooks from Hennepin Count Library

See http://www.hclib.org/pub/

Love the selection at this library in Minneapolis MN. Be sure to support your local libraries – so much more than just books are shared – check yours out today.

Recommend – “Forged in Steele: A KGI Novel, Book 7” audiobook by Maya Banks

Recommend – “Forged in Steele:  A KGI Novel, Book 7” audiobook by Maya Banks

Why did it take me so long to find you, Maya Banks?  Your audiobook, “Forged in Steele:  A KGI Novel, Book 7,” is full of adventure, thrills, nasty villains and love. 

Paul Adam’s (audiobook narrator) voice is perfect for how I’d imagine Steele – forceful.  The tonal quality was like sandpaper on wood – slowly grinding undesirables to dust.  Thank you Paul for an excellent job bringing all the characters to life.

This story rocks from the 1st words to the last – once you start listening you can’t stop.  The women in this book are spectacular – strong, intelligent and professional.  Thanks so much for letting these characters express themselves, Maya – wow.

The plot is fantastic too – didn’t know until the end how everything would play out.  The scenes are so vivid I can almost feel the heat (not an easy feat when yesterday it was -13 below zero without a wind chill in Minnesota).  The clinic, where Dr. Maren works came to life for me, the place and the people she serves.

Dialog is inspiring to me as a struggling writer – smooth transitions throughout.  Maya Banks writing moves me – to tears, laughter and frustration when Steele isn’t getting it:) or a bad guy is just to dictatorial to take. 

I now have several of Maya’s books to catch up on but as all you authors mentioned at Nora Roberts book signing webcam on February 15th (brave to make it Turn the Page Bookstore, ttpbooks.com, in the snow and ice) – that’s ok –  I can do a Maya Banks marathon – keep on writing.  Maya you are a gifted story teller.

Do you want to get this book? See the links below and enjoy.



Kindle e-book: