“Enticed by His Forgotten Lover” by Maya Banks

Rafael is at a very exclusive fund raiser that he’s throwing and bumps into a pregnant woman that claims to know him. He has no memory of her but is intrigued so tracks her down to her hotel room. She not only doesn’t back down but claims he fathered her unborn child as well.

Here’s a quote from Maya Banks’ “Enticed by His Forgotten Lover”, from beginning of the book, that sums up Rafael and Bryony’s relationship while giving us a  glimpse of the mystery that unfolds throughout the story:

“It was hard for him to discern why he was so arrested by her….
“….’Met? Have we met?’ Her voice was barely above a whisper, but he felt each word like the crack of a whip. ‘You sorry bastard!’
“Before he could process the shock of her outburst she nailed him with a right hook….”

I love Maya Banks dialog – it flows into the narration seamlessly. When the narrator, Harry Berkley reads the manuscript there’s no breaks with he said or she said type repetition its perfectly scripted for audio. Harry also gives Rafael’s character depth with the accent he chooses.

“Enticed by His Forgotten Lover” is a mystery romance that will keep you guessing to the end. I enjoy Maya Banks’ descriptive scenes and her ability to make up intriguing characters that I want to learn more about.

Maya is an engaging author, I want to know how it ends so I listen at every opportunity until the very last word. Thanks, Maya for delivering with “Enticed by His Forgotten Lover”.

Also thanks to my local library for providing this title on One Click Digital provided by Hennepin County Library – love this libraries selection of audio and e-books.

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