“Whispers in the Dark” by Maya Banks – Romantic Thriller

What makes this KGI Series Book 4 a must read?

When a tough man is nearly broken its a story but when a woman this man has never met steps in with an empathetic gift to bring him comfort and new hope you have a Maya Banks romantic thriller.

Fast paced novel with lots of twists and turns but throughout you never give up hope. The images that Maya Banks writes about are still in my mind, when the hero is searching for his rescuer she describes what’s around her. Its as if I can still remember the smell of pine – the writing a vivid intense artwork.

When you finish you’ll want to read about Shea’s sister, Grace, a class act that wants the best for Shea.

Great story of family love and what really goes into defining a true clan.

Since I also benefited from the audio version of this book, I wanted to say that Harry Berkeley does a first class job with creating distinct voices for every character. Hearing the story really brings it to life.

I hope you all get the chance to experience “Whispers in the Dark,” its not your average thriller but something more.

Below is the image for Book 5, Grace’s book.

Echoes at Dawn

Here are some links to where you may find the Whispers in the Dark (I’m also thankful to Hennepin County Library for providing this excellent work on OneClickDigital last link listed below::


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