“Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White

Pearls of Wisdom_

“Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White is a beautifully written story of a young man’s love and devotion to country.  I especially appreciate the book is dedicated to the men & women who serve and those special souls that wait at home for news from the front.

What sets Chantilly White’s writing apart?  She brings her characters to life, not only physically but emotionally as well.  Her writing takes you to the library in vivid detail – I can even smell the books.  I feel the afternoon sun as I visualize the glass library doors sparkling.  Elegantly written, Chantilly.

“Pears of Wisdom” pleasures the mind’s eye with sculpted imagery of the two souls combining as close as this existence allows.  From courtship to finding love, Chantilly White takes us on a journey full of promise and sensual delight.

Will a young widow find new love?  Does Billy survive the fighting in World War II?  All will be revealed before “Pearls of Wisdom” ends.

This novella is full of treasures to be discovered.  Read “Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White slowly you’ll want to enjoy every moment.

I bought my e-book for Kindle for iPad from Amazon follow this link:

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Keep on writing Chantilly White – I like your style.


3 responses to ““Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White

  1. chantillywhite

    Melissa, thank you so much for such a beautiful, wonderful review! You made me teary, and totally made my day! {{{{BIG HUGS}}} Chantilly

    • You’re welcome, Chantilly. You are a gifted writer and I know you’ll soon be on the NY Times best seller list. Love both you and your writing. Keep on writing from the heart. Peace. XXOO Your friend, Missy

      • chantillywhite

        From your keyboard to God’s ears, Melissa, LOL! Thank you for your continued faith and support, you mean so much to me! {{{{HUGS}}}}}

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