My Pictures of Our Sentinel of Freedom in USA Happy Flag Day from Minneapolis MN

Flags on Display in Minneapolis MN close to where I live.  Forever may our flag wave for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all.  Flag Day 2014 – play American Patriot by Lee Greenwood love the songs on this album:

“God Bless the USA” is a special favorite I think of it every time I put the flag out in the morning and retire it at night.  Remember to always treat the flag with respect – never let it touch the ground or fly in bad weather or after dark without a flood light.  Always say a prayer and/or remember those that put themselves in harms way to defend her and have paid the ultimate price so that She may forever wave. Peace to all.


Above is my alternative to displaying in the rain.  She’s not touching the floor.  She was made in the USA too.



IMG_00000107 IMG_0529 IMG_0677 IMG_0690 IMG_0786 Tiny 6-13-14 AutumnWoods AutumnWoodsBest IMG_0598

Happy Flag Day everyone:)  From Minneapolis MN.

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