Blogging 101 – Not Much Writing Involved…


Hi All,

Just had to take a break from my book review post to say precious little of my time is spent in writing the post.  Most of the time is in discovering the mystery of formatting it.

I do believe I will work on the text of my blogs offline then bring that over to format and pretty it up – maybe then I’ll get some quality writing done:)  Sure hope I have it in me.

Well, overall I’m appreciating the free service of the blog, but there is a learning curve as I’m finding out.

Hang on, I’ll have my book review published soon and will begin my next one in Word – formatting is more automatic in that medium.

Don’t give up fellow bloggers – posts look much better when presented on a blog than anywhere else and I’m thankful to for the free opportunity to learn and for all the great educational tools and tips they provide.

Hope all of you are having a great day – maybe you’re in a warmer climate.  We’re still in the 20’s in Minneapolis with hope of 40’s for tomorrow – watch out for run-off.

When Calls The Heart is on tonight – looking forward to exchanging tweets at #WhenCallstheHeart  #whencallstheheart @marisacorser – devised something I’ve never seen on twitter before a list. I think I may have more formatting to learn.

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Happy blogging, posting and tweeting, everyone.

Comments welcome

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