“Dark Wolf,” by Christine Feehan, Dark Series, Book 25

Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan Image

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What happens when Carpathians meet Mage? You get “Dark Wolf,” by Christine Feehan. This Carpathain novel is special not only due to the Mage element but also because Skyler from “Dark Legend” is coming of age. Skyler is a key in both novels and I enjoyed being reintroduced to Skyler this time as a young woman instead of a damaged child that Francesca saves in “Dark Legend.”

Here’s a quote from “Dark Wolf,”
“‘No. You’re my best friend, Sky. Dimitri probably despises me and wishes I was dead, but he’s your lifemate and he’s been literally thrown to the wolves.’ Josef sent her a little grin, pleased with his pun. ‘Of course I’m going to help you. I helped you come up with this plan, didn’t I? And it will work.”

Skyler, Josef and Paul are on a mission to save Dimitri from a slow tortuous death at the hands of the Lycans. The wolves mistake Dimitri for a monster that will destroy them all when all he’s ever done is protect them.

Skyler learns she has more gifts than she thought, but will they be enough to keep them all safe as they attempt to free Dimitri? Will they reach Dimitri before his heart is attacked by the silver the Lycans have been injecting into his body?

I enjoyed this story, “Dark Wolf,” by Christine Feehan. The scenes are vividly described. The characters are people I’d like to get to know more because I appreciate their loyalty and love for one another.

The audiobook is well produced by Brilliance Audio at http://www.audiobookstanddl.com/. The two narrators, Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross, do an excellent job team reading “Dark Wolf.” Trading off when the male or female characters are prominent in the scenes. The characters are easy to identify and the story free flowing with dialog that lends itself well to reading.

“Dark Wolf,” brings new life to the Carpathian story adding new possibilities to the characters and their journey fighting vampires and evil where ever they find it.  Christine Feehan’s characters bring healing to those that need it the most.  The evil elements in the stories are brought to justice in ways that are fair and equatable.   The women are strong and capable of taking care of themselves and those they love.  Keep on writing, Christine.

I’m thankful that Hennepin County Library had this title available on Overdrive rented downloads.

Here are other places to acquire “Dark Wolf.”





2 responses to ““Dark Wolf,” by Christine Feehan, Dark Series, Book 25

  1. chantillywhite

    Sounds like another great read, and wow, what a beautiful cover! Thanks for the rundown, Melissa! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Chantilly. Been reading Christine Feehan’s work for quite a while but my first review will do more but have back logs to do on other authors. Sometimes if I get a chance to listen to library audiobook I’ll be doing those reviews before those I buy. Have to listen when my turn comes up when using the library service but enjoy the free price:) Have a good evening and thanks for your support.

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