The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

I took this photo between Boonsboro and Hagerstown Maryland when I traveled to a book signing with my favorite author.
I was turning around and realized when I pulled in this would make a great picture. All of the landscape in Maryland is beautiful, but I think the area in and around Boonsboro is especially fantastic.
If you ever get the chance to visit – take it.

Melissa Blanchard.

5 responses to “The Road Less Traveled

  1. So much greenery – this is beautiful! 🙂

    • Thank you Maria. Just found myself going past where I should have turned so had to find a way to turn around. The picture just presented itself. I’m glad it was a quiet street. Whole area in Boonsboro MD is this green – amazed me to see it in person.

  2. Boonsboro certainly is a lovely place. Thank you for reblogging my Shark Eye View post. Much appreciated. 😊 I have been snowed under with blogging 101 and writing posts. I will visit more often now that I am beginning to settle into a writing routine! Lol!

    • I know the feeling. Would love to write more book reviews but first I have to have time to read books:) I’m still working a computer job full time too so can’t blog until weekends mostly. May try adding a small amount of time after work. I’ll figure it out – I love a challenge. You’re welcome – love all I find on your blog. Happy blogging. Peace.

      • Hi Melissa! I spent the day travelling yesterday and now I am staying near Sydney for three weeks. We are so far out of town we have kangaroos for neighbours – so there will be a post about the roos! Lol!

        Glad you enjoy reading my blog. It’s nice to know. Happy writing. 😊

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