Chainbreaker Ride Completed for Me on August 11, 2018


I made it from start to 1.75 miles up 116 Feet with a pack that was well over a loaded grocery bag – 3 bottles of water and repair kit. We also had an air quality index over 101 which means high level of pollutions particles making breathing difficult for sensitive groups – those that have lungs that need clean air to function well.

There were over 1,000 riders at the event start coming from several states including a group from New York. I’m thankful for the volunteers helping us stay safe and rooting us on along the route.

All that donate to my site still will have 100% of their donations going to childhood cancer – the funds donated weren’t affected by how many miles I went on the day of the event. In my practices since starting in mid-July I’ve averaged about 20 miles a week at about 3 miles a day building up to 12 Miles the Saturday and Sunday before the event on August 11th. There were just too many factors against me at the event for me to get further but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try and to raise money for a good hospital, Masonic Children’s Hospital where keeping kids healthy and happy is job #1.

Thanks to all that helped me with donations and with a ride back to my car when I couldn’t catch my breath anymore. Take care everyone and feel free to use my website to donate to ending childhood cancer until October, 2018. MelissaBlanchardRide

My thanks to the 15 people who gave $400 to this cause. May we find a way to cure cancer especially for those that are our future – the children.

Keep on believing in the possibilities.

4 responses to “Chainbreaker Ride Completed for Me on August 11, 2018

  1. lindsaytownsend

    Brilliant, Miss! Massive kudos to you! Lindsay Townsend, historical romance:at or follow me onTwitter @lindsayromantic

    • Thanks much, Linds. Always good to see your comments. The day was a peaceful one with smoke clearing out by Noon, lovely sun and blue skies now in Minneapolis MN.

  2. Kudos to you!! Such a worthy cause and in those conditions – wow! You are an inspiration! When I hear young kids this Summer say “I’m bored”, they need to find programs like this to enter.

    • I agree – there’s always some adventure awaiting an active mind. Biking is a great way to never be board – there’s the care of the bike, there’s the care of the body and there’s the sites you see as you go along the way. Thanks for your support. Peace.

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