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I Recommend Lindsay Townsend’s Historical Fiction

0aa3dbd8-1486-4da0-b2f8-34d7d9619a80-2384-00000684cd29b34b_tmpLindsay Townsend has several 99cents books check her writing out with these .99 cent titles:

Sir Baldwin and the Christmas Ghosts, Night of the Storm, The English Daughter, Voices in the Dark, A Christmas Sleeping Beauty.

Lindsay writes historically accurate fiction with interesting characters and plots. I enjoy her writing style.

Lindsay has a new book coming out on March 17, 2017

An Open Letter to Whoopi Goldberg….We most certainly WERE Listening

Thank you Becky. I’m in Health Care too, a Technical Analyst that helps Nurses and Doctors and Instrument Technicians use software to improve patient care. I know first hand just how much compassion, strength and courage each nurse I’ve worked with posses and all the heart they bring to patient care and keeping the patient safe. I also have friends that nurses and they love and hug and accept as no other friend I have. God bless all that choose this profession and stand up when one of their own is disrespected. Thank you. Sincerely, Melissa Blanchard Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis MN.

Rebecca's Ramblings

Since I saw The View’s so-called “apology” clip on social media, I’ve given this post a tremendous amount of thought. My first instinct and knee-jerk reaction was to sit down with my laptop and blast them with full force…unload my anger  and outrage onto the page…err…computer screen…so I could purge it and get all of that negativity out of my system. I’ll admit, I even got about a quarter of the way through that piece, when I stopped to re-read it. It was a scathing, searing diatribe that quite frankly, made me ashamed of myself. It sounded like something that the View Crew would say…it was petty, spiteful, angry and distasteful. That’s not who I am as a person, a writer or more specifically, a nurse. Quite frequently, I end my blog posts with a sentence urging my readers to be kind to each other. I am a tireless advocate for tolerance, peaceful coexistence and doing…

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10 Christmas Lights –

10 Christmas Lights – Check out Regina Puckett’s writing at this link.

Melissa Blanchard Book Corner

10 Christmas Lights –

Check out this poet – she’s the best:) Regina Puckett’s writing moves the soul and spirit.

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Recommend – “My Words into the Beyond,” by Regina Puckett

Poetry at it’s best Check out “My Words into the Beyond,” by Regina Puckett

Melissa Blanchard Book Corner

I recommend – “My Words into the Beyond,” audiobook by Regina Puckett
The narrator, George Taylor, is the perfect choice for reading this audiobook of poetry.
His voice is deep and comforting as he tells Regina’s poems of life with all of the loves, dreams, disappointments and triumphs expressed so vividly.
So much of what I’ve experienced in life is communicated in the words of this book.
Thank you Regina, for finding a way to articulate so truly the human journey. It was beautiful to listen to over and over, every time finding something new to reflect on.
I haven’t read poetry for many years, I’m so glad I connected with you on Twitter (@ReginaPucket) and found your writing – so fresh – so true – so inspiring.
Keep on writing Regina Puckett.

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Flowers in macro – Spring

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on made by mitza:
Heleborus are the first flowers in our garden and they are not (hele)boring at all. Look at the diversity of their colors, shapes of the petals (doted or striped), and the variety of stamina…


Cats and dogs – Kefalonia – Greece

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Originally posted on made by mitza:
This is a sad post – mostly. Too many cats and dogs in Greece lead a dreadful life and that’s why they are very shy, always about to escape, sick, hungry, feral and mistreated.…

Nora Roberts’ Book Signing February 7th, 2015 at Boonsboro Maryland


Me in JD Robb T-Shirt


JDRobb T shirt Front JDRobb T shirt Back

Nora Roberts Book Signing Today in Boonsboro MD at“Obsession In Death” to be signed by JD Robb. More than books at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe I’m attending virtually.

Daily Quote!

Good to remember – thanks for sharing Optimistic Kid.

Optimistic Kid

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have an amazing day!

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Close to light and structure.

Had to share this work of art on my blog from check it out. Excellent compositions on this site.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


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Drawing Inspiration

Excellent clarification on photo versus painting. Thanks for sharing, Maria.