I Recommend “All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel

Hi All,

I had the opportunity to listen to the audiobook, "All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel".

The writing is fabulous. To see the world through the experiences of a blind girl is unique and inspiring.

The author also brings out the struggles of orphans and how one boy, full of potential, wants more than mining for a life long career but finds he must choose good over evil at a very young age.

The narrator, Zach Appelman, did an excellent job reading with the emotion of each person in the novel while keeping faithful to the emotion of every scene. His voice is a comfort even when it must convey the horror of the inhumanity in many of the tableaux of evil and death.

In order to tell the story, there's a need for violence in this book, but the joy and perseverance in the beautiful people in this novel out weighs those that do violence and bring about death and humiliation.

As in art, there are many shades needed to bring out the beauty of a sunrise so to this book brings to this reader the value of seeing the full picture before making a decision. I hope you find the beauty in the telling of this story. There's so much about strength of character documented in the blind girl and her father – the true love shown brings healing to the heart and mind.

Melissa Blanchard

6 responses to “I Recommend “All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel

  1. lindsaytownsend

    This sounds an amazing book, Miss. I’ve twittered your excellent review of it.

    • Thanks Linds. I appreciate the support for getting the word out on books worth reading and thanks too or the feedback on my review. Its quiet here in Minneapolis – still waiting for the sun to come up. Fall is coming.

  2. lindsaytownsend

    Are you going to see the eclipse people are mentioning?

    • I’ll take a few minutes over lunch to see how the sky changes but will watch the coverage on TV – the best view will be in the air force WWII reconditioned bomber planes – B52’s. Minneapolis will be overcast tomorrow so the clouds will obscure. I’m going to walk by some flowers and see how the bees react to the few minutes of darkness during the daytime. I hope you’ll be able to see something via internet or BBC coverage. I have some friends that will be traveling and seeing the effect from planes or from the ground. I’ll send you a link to a pod cast from our Public Broadcasting Channel the details of checking out the Eclipse safely. Thanks for asking. Your friend, Miss.

  3. lindsaytownsend

    Thanks for the invite to the solar eclipse, Miss. It looks as if it’s going to be fantastic where you are. Happy bee watching when it happens!
    Take care and safe watching.

    • Hi Linds, I created my pinhole camera out of an old shoe box to view the sun during the Eclipse. Here’s the best link to get info from USA https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/. The sun is going in and out of the clouds here but I can still observe my Morning Glories. So far no bees but I have been able to observe the Mallard ducks by me. Its an exiting day in USA. Count down is at 30 minutes for Utah observers.

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