Fall Into the Story Brunch Event with Nora Roberts on July 23rd, 2017

Hi All,

The Annual Fall Into the Story Brunch was excellent food and conversations.  I won the raffle to sit at the author table 2nd year in a row.  This event gives you a longer time to share books you love to read and the styles we enjoy best.  Everyone that attends get the chance to chat with Nora Roberts.  It’s a special event that donates to proceeds to charity.

Check out this link to see what interests Nora Roberts, travel, gardening and writing its all there – Nora writes excellent non-fiction too on her blog.  Nora Roberts Blog Fall Into the Story Managed by Laura

I’m thankful to Jeannie, Laura, Jason and Kat and the staff of Vista for an wonderful meal (including awesome gelato) and the opportunity to meet beautiful people that all like to read:).

I hope to see everyone next year.


Melissa Jane Blanchard

4 responses to “Fall Into the Story Brunch Event with Nora Roberts on July 23rd, 2017

  1. lindsaytownsend

    Looks amazing, Miss! You sound to have had a super time!

    • I did, thanks, Linds. I won the charity raffle to sit at the table with the author too – 2nd year running. It was an amazing day topped off with a visit to Antietam where 23,000 Americans lost their lives in one day of battle in September 17, 1862 Civil War. This year is the 150 Anniversary with a book signing at Turn The Page Books on the same weekend. I hope all that are able visit Boonsboro and the surrounding area to experience the Civil War battlefields – they are special places where the spirit of the soldier lives on cautioning how great the price for war.

  2. I’m thankful for all the views on website. I’m going to keep up the posts going forward I enjoy using the new WordPress app via my iPad. It works beautifully.
    Melissa Blanchard

  3. lindsaytownsend

    Brilliant to win the raffle, Miss! Well done!

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