Nora Roberts Book Signing Event on July 22, 2017 in Boonsboro, Maryland

July 22nd, 2017 Book Signing Event Pictures.

I’m thankful to Nora Roberts and all the authors that attended along with all the wonderful fans of romance novels full of suspense and possibilities.

I also appreciate all the efforts of the bookstore staff too.  Check out this link for the next Boonsboro, MD book signing event Turn The Page Book Store a great brick and mortar business with a secure website ordering system too.

4 responses to “Nora Roberts Book Signing Event on July 22, 2017 in Boonsboro, Maryland

  1. lindsaytownsend

    The store looks really bright and the staff very friendly.

    • I agree, everyone was happy to see the fans. The bookstore has woodwork throughout and all is polished and beautiful. The bookshelves are well constructed and display the books proudly. I shipped the books and other treasures I found at the local stores home via FedEx the packages arrived yesterday. I’ll be unpacking after I post some pictures. Thanks for the comment Linds, it was good to hear from you and I hope you books are selling well – you’re an excellent writer.

  2. lindsaytownsend

    Thanks again, Miss. You’re right about book-stores – there’s just something about the atmosphere, the scents, the feel of a book in one’s hands. Lovely!

    • I agree, Linds. The sun is shining in Minneapolis Minnesota. My garden terrace is green and yellow with sunflowers and morning glories and begonias. A beautiful summer reward for planting in the spring.

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