Lindsay Townsend’s New Titles Now Available.

Plain Harry – I recommend Check Out Kindle version follow Link.

Click link above to check out Lindsay’s latest book.

Lindsay Townsend Great Books to check out

New title out Plain Harry Sweet Medieval – I’m going to check out this book for my summer reading – see the links above to do the same.

Lindsay delivers interesting characters and well researched historical fiction.  I enjoy her writing.  The dialog is believable and the rhythm of the words flows with no effort from the reader.


2 responses to “Lindsay Townsend’s New Titles Now Available.

  1. lindsaytownsend

    Thanks so much, Miss! I hope you really enjoy ‘Plain Harry’! Happy Summer!

    • You’re welcome – I’m purchasing my copy of Plain Harry now – review to follow after my trip to Maryland – the good Lord willing. Happy summer to you as well. Enjoy the harvest.

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