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Review of Slated for Death (Penny Brannigan Book 6) by Elizabeth J. Duncan read by Anne Flosnik

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Guest ‪#‎audiobook‬ Review of Slated for Death (Penny Brannigan Book 6) by Elizabeth J. Duncan read by Anne Flosnik


Anne Flosnik Thank you so much for your generous words Melissa! This is part of a delightful traditional mystery series set in Wales. Each book stands alone or builds on the others. The focus of each changes, with the spotlight being on a slate mine in this one. They are beautifully wriiten by Elizabeth J. Duncan, and completely absorbing.

Note from Melissa Blanchard:

I’m sharing this post from my Facebook account from an Anne Flosnik share. Anne Flosnik is an excellent narrator providing voices for all the characters. I enjoy her narrations and will be picking up this audiobook to add to me reading list.  I’ll let you know how I like it blog followers but for now this is an Audio Book Reviews link above shared by Anne and then by me on Facebook.  Enjoy.

I Recommend Mary Balogh’s “A Secret Affair”


Mary Balogh’s “A Secret Affair” gets 5 Stars from me.

More than a great romance story between a strong woman and man. This story covered some of the ills of the period and how two caring people were able to make a difference for those unable to improve their lot in life on their own.  Anne Flosnik does an excellent job bringing the characters to life with her narration on the audiobook.  Well done production.  Thank you Hennepin County library for providing the best selection of audio and ebook for any library of similar size.


Melissa Blanchard


Minneapolis MN