15 tips for squeezing as much battery life as possible out of your iPhone

Need all the tips I can get to get the most battery life possible.


After all these years, battery life is still one of the biggest pain points when it comes to smartphones. Battery technology is always improving, of course, but not nearly fast enough to offset the various new tech that drains the juice from our smartphones. Especially where the iPhone is concerned, the phone’s design is also constantly getting slimmer so there is less space to fit a battery with each new generation.

But don’t despair — we’re here to help.

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3 responses to “15 tips for squeezing as much battery life as possible out of your iPhone

  1. Thank you, I seem to be continually charging my phone. Great post, I’ve already changed the settings and hopefully it will make life a little less dependent on my charger.

    • Me too – really wanting to have my GPS app that measures steps to keep on working after an hour – drains the life right out of my iphone. I was glad to find this article too – just upgraded my iPad and iPhone so will try out during my daily walk. Peace.

    • I am getting more battery life on my iPhone after the upgrade. So worth the effort of the upgrade:) iPad I don’t use in a mobile way very often but it was pretty long lasting before. There’s no cell phone connection on my iPad – it works off hotspots or wifi connections only.

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