Remembering my Mom, Roma Sarah (Goodman Maternal Maiden name) Rofern – Blanchard

Mom and Grandma 2

Mom and Grandma Bert from around 1994 in Winona MN

Remembering my Mom on my 52nd birthday. Follow the link to learn more.

Mom will always be in my heart for without her there would be no me.  God bless all the Mothers everywhere may you know how much of a difference you make.  Peace.

8 responses to “Remembering my Mom, Roma Sarah (Goodman Maternal Maiden name) Rofern – Blanchard

  1. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} Melissa, and happy birthday. I’m thinking of you.

    • Thanks much Chantilly. XXOO back. Had a good Birthday and a good walk for March for Babies lots turned out – 700 for Fairview – we all had on green shirts. I’m tired today – always seems like the 2nd day after doing extra I get a little more sore than the day after – not sure why:) Icing my feet (new shoes but they do fit better than the old ones – just getting used to them and my hips. Overall though feel better than when I tried to lose weight and exercise before so I have hope. Thanks for the thoughts – I appreciate you, Chantilly. Love, Missy

      • chantillywhite

        I hope the soreness is fading! So glad so many turned out and that your birthday was a good one. You’re very special to me, Melissa!! {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}

      • Thanks, Chantilly. You’re special to me as well. Feeling well today. Getting my energy back and working toward more:) XXOO Your friend – Missy

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday but happy to hear you had a good one. Your mom and grandmother look happy in the photo.

    • Thanks, Maria. They were happy to get together. Both had health issues that made travel difficult. One lived in Cedar Rapids Iowa (Grandma) and Mom lived in Winona MN. I’ll never forget the trip in 1983 from Menomonie WI to Cedar Rapids for my Grandpa’s funeral. I was in college at the time. My Grandma Effie (Dad’s mom) told me that my Mom’s step Dad my Grandpa had died. Didn’t know he was a step until I was in my teens – family secret about my Mom’s biological Dad. Writing a novel about the story now. My first novel ever so hoping for the best.

      • Sorry to hear they couldn’t get together as often as they might have liked.
        Love the name Cedar Rapids, reminds me of Cedar Falls (didn’t it feature in a RJ Waller book? )
        Best of luck with your novel.

      • Thanks, Maria. Don’t know about the RJ Waller book but I was born in Waterloo IA a twin city of Cedar Falls. Great place to start on life’s journey. Off to buy some hanging plants now to remember my loved ones on memorial day and brighten up my patio. Peace:)

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