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“Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White

Pearls of Wisdom_

“Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White is a beautifully written story of a young man’s love and devotion to country.  I especially appreciate the book is dedicated to the men & women who serve and those special souls that wait at home for news from the front.

What sets Chantilly White’s writing apart?  She brings her characters to life, not only physically but emotionally as well.  Her writing takes you to the library in vivid detail – I can even smell the books.  I feel the afternoon sun as I visualize the glass library doors sparkling.  Elegantly written, Chantilly.

“Pears of Wisdom” pleasures the mind’s eye with sculpted imagery of the two souls combining as close as this existence allows.  From courtship to finding love, Chantilly White takes us on a journey full of promise and sensual delight.

Will a young widow find new love?  Does Billy survive the fighting in World War II?  All will be revealed before “Pearls of Wisdom” ends.

This novella is full of treasures to be discovered.  Read “Pearls of Wisdom” by Chantilly White slowly you’ll want to enjoy every moment.

I bought my e-book for Kindle for iPad from Amazon follow this link:

I also enjoyed these e-books from Chantilly White:




Next book I plan to read:


Keep on writing Chantilly White – I like your style.


“Mistress Angel,” by Lindsay Townsend

Mistress Angel

What about “Mistress Angel” is uniquely special?

The medieval period city life becomes reality as the story unfolds.  Isabella has been used first by her family then by her dead husband’s family – she is a commodity to them.

The writing brought me into the city with it’s dirty streets and how little value was placed on the life of a woman.  Her young son is taken from her, she’s pressed into servitude and she must choose between getting her son back and pleasing the local marriage prospects.

“Mistress Angel” is a journey through medieval London from the landscape to the characters Lindsay delivers.  Raw emotions and agonizing struggles are included in the telling.

I also enjoy finding new phrases and words from the period in Lindsay’s writing.  She defines them and uses them as keys to her plot.  I liken it to a treasure hunt, always something new in the next chapter.

Will Isabella get her son back?  Will she find true love?  All will be answered before the last word is read.

I hope you give “Mistress Angel” a look.  Great writing, well developed plot and interesting characters, what more could you want in a story?

I got my copy from Amazon Kindle for iPad at this link:



A Summer Bewitchment [The Knight and the Witch 2], by Lindsay Townsend

A Summer Bewitchment [The Knight and the Witch 2] Amazon imageImage from Amazon

“A Summer Bewitchment [The Knight and the Witch 2]”, by Lindsay Townsend

Why do I recommend “A Summer Bewitchment [The Knight and the Witch 2]”, by Lindsay Townsend?

1. The medieval portions are interesting – so many different worries in that time but in so many ways the same – self doubt doesn’t change no matter which century.

2. The writing is excellent.  Lindsay brings her characters to life in the narrative, along with the country side, the horses and the villages.

3. Lindsay tackles prejudices in this tale of class and being different whether it be in how you act or what you look like. I like that those with differences triumph over those that are closed minded.

4. The mystery never fails in engaging my attention. How will the Knight and Witch find the lost girls, will they be safe? All questions are answered as the story unfolds.

5. A secret is disclosed that changes the Knight and Witches relationship.

I so hope that Lindsay will continue the Knight and Witch’s story with a book 3. These characters deserve to have many more adventures. Thank you, Lindsay Townsend for creating a world of adventure and acceptance. I appreciate you share your world of imagination with me. Keep on writing.

I got my Kindle e-book via iPad for Kindle app and Amazon at this link:


This book is the sequel to “The Snow Bride” by Lindsay Townsend, here’s a link to my book review:


WRW MEGA BOOKSIGNING APRIL 4TH at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe

THE COLLECTOR (APRIL 15 ON SALE) by Nora RobertsSHADOW SPELL by Nora RobertsCONCEALED IN DEATH by J. D. RobbWHISKEY BEACH trade by Nora RobertsTHE WITNESS mm by Nora Robertshttp://ttpbooks.com/category/WRW.html
Follow the link above to place a virtual signing order.

Here’ what I put on order for the virtual Signing:


NORA ROBERTS / J D ROBB coffee mug

COFFEE MUG tapered

TURN UP THE HEAT by Kimberly Kinkaid

TURN UP THE HEAT by Kimberly Kinkaid


CHESAPEAKE BLUE by Nora Roberts (Special Offer)

“The WRW Mega Booksigning will be
Friday April 4th from 11:30 – 1:30

Scheduled to attend Robyn Carr, Robin Perini, Liliana Hart, Tara Janzen, Cathy Maxwell, Diana Cosby, Diane Gaston, Kimberly Kincaid, Sally MacKenzie, Kieran Kramer, Leigh Duncan, P. A. DePaul,
Meridith Bond, Mary Strand, Mindy Klasky & Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb”

Quoted material and images copied from the following website:

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe to Host Nora Roberts Book Signing

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe to Host Nora Roberts Book Signing
Tomorrow March 22 from 12 – 2 pm Eastern time Click here to find out more information

Release Date for MIRANDA WARNING, Audio Version of God’s Daughter, & Call Out for Early Readers

Love mysteries on audiobooks reminds me of old-time radio drama. Thanks for sharing I’ll be watching for “God’s Daughter,” by Heather Day Gilbert

Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe – ttpbooks.com

Why do we have bookstore’s anymore?

For me the answer is so the fans are able to connect with their favorite authors and enjoy the experience of opening a book fresh from the press – no feeling like it.

Here’s a good place to get the bookstore experience, Turn the Page Bookstore Café (https://www.facebook.com/ttpbooks), located on Main Street in downtown Boonsboro, Maryland.

This is a welcoming Brick and Mortar business. I speak from experiencing them via e-mail, internet and in person last July.

I was a stranger and never traveled East of Kentucky, but Boonsboro made me feel welcomed. Someone waved at me from their car as I walked to the bookstore. When I arrived 2 ladies in line for getting book signing tickets, invited me to lunch, the man handing out tickets was so happy and friendly telling me what I needed to know.

Once inside, the bookstore layout welcomes with coffee, well organized book topics, comfortable couch and chairs, and book art everywhere. But the best of all were the people behind the counter welcoming me as I walked in and inviting me to look around. Loved the smiles and accepting atmosphere.

When I arrived back with my group ticket (organized by time) for getting my books signed, I found a friend I still have today, she asked if I was going to the brunch the next day and we decided to look for one another, so glad we did.

The books that I bought from the February 15th book signing event at TTPBooks.com (I watched and ordered virtually) arrived via US Mail man yesterday. Here’s the quality authors, I ordered from, that participated:

Jaci Burton’s “Hope Flames,”
Jeanniene Frost’s “Twice Tempted,”
J.D. Robb’s “Concealed in Death,”
J. Kenner’s “claim me,” and
Sylvia Day writing as Livia Dare’s “In the Flesh,”

Thanks to J.D. Robb and all the authors of the event for sharing their writing secrets at the book signing webcast and for the signatures, book marks, and refrigerator magnet.

I will be reading all of these stories soon and posting my reviews here on my blog – Melissa Blanchard Book Corner (https://melissablanchard62.wordpress.com), Amazon and iTunes under user name MissMed51.

I couldn’t wait for the J.D. Robb, “Concealed in Death,” signed book to arrive so I purchased the audiobook. That review is already posted:) Will re-read the hard copy too but after I’ve read all the new books.

I appreciate all Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe does to supply signed copies to people all over the world.

Hope you check it out in person or on the web at ttpbooks.com or https://www.facebook.com/ttpbooks – join in the joy of sharing books and the adventures they contain. Your questions are welcomed – feel free to comment.

For all of you that have visited Turn The Page Bookstore Café – feel free to share you comments here as well.

Anyone wanting to is also invited to my Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/melissa.blanchard.3158 or tweeter followers @MelissaBlancha6 always open to adding new book friends, authors and readers.

Turn the Page Bookstore

Turn the Page Bookstore.

Excellent source of signed copies of Nora Roberts Official Fan Page (on Facebook) and JD Robb Official Fan Page (on Facebook) virtually from all over the world. Book signings also offer other authors – romance, historical and children books – check out this great brick and mortar business for yourself. When I visited last July I felt like an honored guest – love this bookstore. I was very thankful for the welcome:)

Recommend The Snow Bride by Lindsay Townsend

I recommend, “The Snow Bride” by Lindsay Townsend.
The audiobook was well engineered and the reading, by Victoria Scott, was musical.
The story was an adventure into medieval England. Characters were expressive and engaging. The scenes were descriptive and inviting in most cases.
There were scenes that were scary and full of tension keeping the reader entertained and interested.
The part I liked best about Lindsay’s book was the hope and the love expressed by the hero and heroine. They had to find a common language, get beyond outward appearances and prejudices. Very well done work on overcoming disabilities and special gifts (which to some would have seemed like trouble in medieval times) to the core of human nature to love and be loved and to overcome evil.
Thank you, Lindsay, for a tale that brings so much hope and true caring and understanding to the reader. I will be reading more of your books. I’m glad we connected on tweeter, @lindsayromantic, keep on tweeting.

The audiobook is available at the following links – you may also get the book & e-book as well:



Paperback book:

Recommend – “An Unwilling Conquest Lester Family Saga, Book 3” by Stephanie Laurens

I recommend – “An Unwilling Conquest Lester Family Saga, Book 3” by Stephanie Laurens audiobook narrated by Nellie Chaltant.

Sound quality was clear and easy listening. Nellie created distinct voices for all the characters.

Stephanie’s dialog was flowing and fun weaving a story of a young widow traveling to investigate her inherited Inns. The widow is a strong woman that understands business but shows compassion as well.

I enjoyed the drama and the comedy in the story – well crafted. Just enough adventure, romance and mystery to entertain and keep you listening. Stephanie also brings out the horses in the book as well – her depictions demonstrates her love and understanding.

Thanks, Stephanie Laurens, for another excellent story.

Also appreciated the free download from Hennepin County Library – follow this link to learn more https://catalog.hclib.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?profile=elibrary#focus. Best selection of audio & e book downloads for libraries of similar size in the country and I’m happy to be living in Hennepin County. Support your local libraries they bring books in every format to all.